My House Plant Is Now As Old As A Mariah Carey Christmas Song!

Meet “Robert Plant.” He’s a Janet Craig dracaena house plant I bought on a whim in 1994 at the Mount Pleasant Meijer store when I was buying stuff for my college apartment. I barely remembered to water him, and he sat on top of my dresser, providing precious carbon dioxide and stunning beauty to my Spartan bedroom at Edgewood Apartments. He accompanied me on maybe…seven different moves of residence – living in apartments in Ypsilanti, Saline, Ann Arbor. He was even a trouper and wore colored lights for Christmas in 2017. Apparently, he also spawned a twin (unsure if the twin is good or evil – Robert’s not answering my queries).

Without further ado, here’s Robert Plant, who is as old as Mariah Carey’s sappy holiday song “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”


Here is Robert and his evil twin in battery-powered LED lights bought at Walgreens.

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