The Laptop Is (Finally) On Order!

As some of my most ardent blog followers already  know, I have been without my own computer/laptop since…Veteran’s Day. Thankfully this coincided with my busy/tired time of year, so being without laptop hasn’t been that much of a hardship. Just a minor annoyance.

Today I finally got around to ordering my new laptop! It will be available for me to pick up at Costco within three to five business days. It’s 17 inches, touchscreen, has a 12G hard drive, Bluetooth (yada yada) and has an DVD writer so that we can still use the laptop to watch movies when we go on cabin trips (who wants to rough it THAT much)?

Its name will be Joshua the Second.

I just know that some of my blog followers will be very excited about this news! Now to think about what stickers I want to put on it…

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