Trivia Plans This Week (December 16, 2019)

No big  changes  in our  trivia  plans this week, we’ll  play our  last game of 2019 at Tower Inn on Wednesday. The December 25 and January  1 games both fall  on holidays, so…no trivia.

Not that  the trivia  ever stops with  me! Sometimes I even quiz myself – by guessing  what  year celebrities were  born (among other things). I was  way off yesterday in my guess for Michael Caine’s birth year  (my guess was 1922, he was born in 1933)  but was spot on by guessing  that actor Gary Oldman was born in 1958. Yes, I was watching one of Christopher  Nolan’s Batman movies at the time!

I’ll  even play “name that tune” with  myself, too…while watching  a movie that had the song “Slave to Love” in it, I tried guessing  the artist as Roxy Music. But  when I consulted  Google, I was informed that I was wrong – Bryan Ferry was the artist. Since Ferry was a singer in Roxy  Music, I was only “half” wrong!

If I’m  feeling  up  to it Thursday, I may go out to a music trivia  game in Livonia  because  my gift certificate  expires that day – and the bar has told me they are inflexible  about  expiration  dates (balls)! My husband  may tag along too, since my normal  music trivia  partner  can’t  make it  Thursday.

Looking ahead to Christmas week, it’s looking like Monday will be our “team” trivia night. Though I don’t know how much of a team I’ll have. I’ve invited all (let me count) five of my players, so we’ll see!

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