Staycation Time Soon!

After work Tuesday, we’ll  be heading  to a full-service   hotel  for a one-night  stay.  “The holidays” have been particularly  brutal to me this year. I was sick for the   last part of October and half of November, I was tasked with training  a new  hire who is…useless, and a  couple of injuries are  not healing  like they should – because I never  get to rest   (grumble). Well…this whole year has been kind of…suck. Now I’m  dealing  with a painful  bout of bursitis in my left arm (I’m blaming the pallet jack for this  one). If it’s  not one thing (poorly healed  ankle sprain), it’s  another! #gettingtoooldforthisshit

Having  a little extra money  from my husband’s  holiday  bonus  – and trivia winnings  definitely  doesn’t suck! And having drinks in the lounge and lounging in the hot tub won’t  suck, either! All at the weeknight rate. ☺

Hmmm, maybe we can watch Bar Rescue on the TV in our room!

How  soon will January  be here? #ohthehumanity


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