Glad The Tournament Is Behind Us…

I’m  very  pleased with how my team  played  in Saturday’s  tournament. We all played  like  we wanted to win,  we clicked as a team well (even  with a new guy in our mix), and we definitely  feel  like we “earned” it. More important  to me than winning  some cash – I feel like we had a game  we could truly dedicate to our departed  friend. I’d  like to think he’d  be very proud of how well the ‘Pods played! If that motorcycle tiebreaker wasn’t  a “sign,” then I’ll  be damned (our friend was a Harley  aficionado).

I’m  also pleased at the overall  levels  of good sportsmanship from the other  players. Even  the  team we beat out in the tiebreaker seemed happy  to see us  win a cash prize – and a couple of players  on the top  dog team were congratulatory to me, too. Quite different  from two finals ago when  I  tried  congratulating  them  and…(I’ll  just stop here). I…really appreciated  the kind words this time around (thank you and back  at ya)!

I’m also  happy  that  the “pants” team took some  money. I can honestly  say we were beaten  by some of the best of the best  (hats off to to you lads and lasses – well, most of them, anyway)!  😉

What’s  next? Weekly  games at Tower  Inn! Except  Christmas  and New  Year’s (no games).

Over  ‘n out!

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