Trivia Recap – December 5, 2019 – Tower Inn

Ah, it was kind of like old times! It was “just the two of us” for trivia Wednesday for a My Trivia Live game at Tower Inn. It was kind of like when we played as a duo for a couple of seasons at Powell’s Pub in 2018 – for most of those games, we had just two players, but still managed to win semifinal spots. But, as the ‘Pods tend to do when it  comes to trivia, we  eventually sought greener pastures on the trivia front. We heard that our old rivals from Powell’s called the Ham Wallets (or whatever name they are using these days) will be among the teams playing alongside us vying for a finals spot Saturday at Tower Inn. The “Pants Team” will also be among those teams – we engaged in some hearty competition with those folks for a few seasons at the Wurst Bar before we…sought greener pastures! Rumor has it they are now dominating at McShane’s Pub  on Tuesday nights. I’ll never forget being in awe of them for remembering the name of Arnold’s bully on Diff’rent Strokes! I can pull quite a few bits of “old TV” knowledge from my brain (like the lyrics from  a TV theme song for a show that debuted in 1971 that we had last night), but at that moment a few years ago, I had NO clue as to the identity of Arnold’s bully! If this bully “The Gooch” couldn’t be stopped by Arnold asking “whatcha talkin’ about, The Gooch,” then I don’t know what would stop him (besides brutal violence and maybe a few well placed punches to the head, but that goes without saying).


This show is a bit before my time, and I don’t remember my parents watching it, but it still seeped into my brain for pop culture purposes! I remember playing the theme song on a piano at a friend’s house (it’s a pretty simple melody).

As for the game? Well, uh, we  warmed the bench (64 points heading into the final)! No prizes for us for the second consecutive game this week! We can only hope our fortunes will be better in our semifinal game Saturday, but  we’re not going to count on that (keeps us from being too disappointed)! Pssst…it doesn’t really keep us from getting disappointed when we fail to qualify for finals but dang doesn’t that statement look good in writing?

Now how about some questions? You guys should all know the drill by now…the questions are abbreviated (yeah yeah), and there may have been additional qualifiers presented to us in the game that didn’t all get written down and will not appear here (yada yada), and please assume the questions were NOT all written down word for word! Will this disclaimer satisfy the lawyers? How about the nitpickers? 😉

Round One

Reptiles – Living snakes can be found on every continent except which one?

Daytime TV – The “Big Wheel Showcase Showdown” is part of what daytime game show series?

Slogans – “Let your fingers do the walking” was the slogan for what colorful item?

Round Two

On The Farm – What farm animal is the most profitable in the U.S.? Miss.

The Beatles – Which Beatles song features the lyrics “I’ve been working like a dog?”

Poets – What American poet is buried on Lot 27 of the Westminster Burial Ground in Baltimore, MD? For a three point bonus, what was the name of the 1981 collection of poems by Shel Silverstein that was a follow up to Where the Sidewalk Ends? Got both for the points and the three-point bonus (we were both kids when this book came out – it was a pretty huge deal – my fourth grade teacher read from this in class). The most memorable poem to me from that book is Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout (though this poem is from Where the Sidewalk Ends, not the 1981 book).

Round Three

Film Franchises – Eugene Levy has appeared in each of the eight iterations of what raunchy sex comedy from 1999 to 2012?

’70s TV – “Gee our old LaSalle ran great” is a lyric from the theme song to what TV series that debuted in 1971? Funny we had so many questions that were “too young” for us on Monday, then we get this one (which we both knew)…

Scientists – Who was the female half of the partnership involved in studying human sexuality in which the man was named  William Masters? Only the last name required. And you might giggle like Beavis and Butt-Head when you find out the answer…We missed this…

Halftime – Name all four of the judges in the current season of The Voice.

Got two of them, one of them was by accident! We just happened to see an episode of this show while we were in a bar Monday night and put one of the people we saw on the show that we recognized as our guess (dumb luck is better than no luck)! Otherwise we would have only gotten one…

We had 28 points at the half, Thought Dogs had 31 points.

Round Four

Space – What type of galaxy is the Milky Way?

Good Morning – What is the two-word term for a breakfast  consisting of eggs, bacon, toast and cereal? Stacy threw this one out (no teams got it correct).

Our replacement question:

Logos – What animal appears on the logo for the Boy Scouts?

Supermarkets – What Cincinnati-based supermarket chain is the largest retail chain by revenue in the United States?

Round Five

Homes – In what west coast U.S. city would you find Victorian homes described as “painted ladies?”

Kardashians – On what network has Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired since 2007?

Fish – What fish with a mammalian name is also called Mahi Mahi? We used our “get out of jail” (word of the day) here for 6 free points.

Round Six

‘Tis the Season – What is the traditional name for Santa Claus in Great Britain?

Religion – What religion has a week- long mourning period called Shiva?

Games – What is the paper and pencil game of Noughts and Crosses called in the U.S.?

We were in second going into the final with 64 points, Thought Dogs were again three points ahead.

Final Category – cartoons

What character has voice actor Frank Welker provided the voice for since 1969? This intelligent,well dressed character is part of a franchise that has spawned an animated series, feature films and several direct to video releases.

We thought about the right series, but had no idea this guy did his voice, miss…

Unsure which teams won the prizes…

We’ll be back in trivia battle Saturday in a semifinal game  at Tower Inn. Home field advantage? We hope so! We’ll have a “loaner” playing with us from a rival team who has never played in a “competitive” trivia game with the ‘Pods (Cthulhu help him)! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, John Legend (you have SO many Grammy Awards – even Carlos Santana is jealous)!




One thought on “Trivia Recap – December 5, 2019 – Tower Inn

  1. Round One – antarctica, the price is right, yellow pages

    Round Two – cows, hard day’s night, edgar allen poe/a light in the attic

    Round Three – american pie, all in the family, johnson

    Halftime – Blake shelton, carrie underwood, john legend sorry do not remember other person

    Round Four – spiral, english breakfast/eagle, kroger

    Round Five – san francisco, e, dolphin fish

    Round Six – father christmas, judaism, tic tac toe

    ‘final answer: Fred Jones (Scooby Doo)

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