Preparing For Our Own Pre-Thanksgiving Feast For Two – Today

I’mĀ  goingĀ  to be missingĀ  outĀ  onĀ  theĀ  family ThanksgivingĀ  dinnerĀ  becauseĀ  I’llĀ  be working (and earningĀ  double time pay). Don’t feel too sorry for me! I’ve worked in “Retailville” quite a long time, and Thanksgiving has always been kind of a ripoff of a holiday anyway since I’ve never had “Black Friday” off. Which means that even when I used to have Thanksgiving off (up until just a few years ago), I always had a Black Friday shift hanging over my head for the next day (often very, very early the next day). This is one of many, many reasons I hate the month of November most of all!

My husband and I will be shopping for ourĀ  own ingredients today to make our own Thanksgiving “feast.” What’s going to be on ourĀ  menu?

  • Cooked turkey parts (breast or legs), cooked in a slow cooker. I borrowed an oblong slow cooker from my mom for this purpose.
  • Dressing with enough veggies in it to make it qualify it as a vegetable side dish (I plan to use finely chopped broccoli and cauliflower in addition to mushrooms, onions and garlic).
  • Mashed potatoes/turnips (one russet potato, four turnips). Turnips have a texture similar to potatoes but are more nutritious and lower in carbs). Plus, I’ve always wanted to try turnips! The recipe I’ll be using requires fresh sage and shallots. Did you know you can carve turnips just like a pumpkin? They look creepy AF, too!


  • “Relish” items – cubed cheese (I like pepper jack), whole stuffed olives
  • Bready goodness – frozen dinner rolls or drop biscuits
  • Pie and ice cream (not homemade, I’m not THAT much of a culinary goddess)

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