Recap Coming Soon!

Hey folks, I just got my chance to use “the computer” (my husband’s iMac), which means the trivia recap from Wednesday is going to be posted really soon!

In trivia news, I’m hearing a rumor that our trivia semifinals will be at the same place we’ve been playing our regular games (Tower Inn Ypsilanti, MI). Home field advantage? It will be good to not have to travel far!

In other trivia news, the player whom is supposed to be helping us in the upcoming MTL semis/finals may be joining us at our trivia night next week. I suggested he come out to play with us as a “test” to see how well we mesh. I think it will go fine! Other players who’ve assisted us in qualifying games didn’t necessarily have the “luxury” of doing a “practice run” with us first – they just had to dive in-  and hope they wouldn’t go too insane (LOL)!


You know when a police officer or airline security person puts on the latex gloves before doing a cavity search and says “This won’t hurt a bit?” Yes – playing trivia as a “guest star” with the ‘Pods is kind of like that! And sometimes we’ll even make you sing (though lip  synching is technically OK – we won’t take away your Grammy award for lip synching)!

Yes, the ‘Pods can be a…handful. We’re a bit crude, we’re not politically correct, we like to tell stories, and we sometimes like to push each other’s buttons. But we all really love each other like family!

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