Trivia Recap – November 21, 2019 – Tower Inn

What movie scared the crap out of you when YOU were a kid? If you’re Brad on our trivia team, that answer would be the 1975 movie Jaws. We joked that it made him so scared of going into the water that he still refuses to take baths/showers to this day. As for me, I was a bit scared (in a delighted way) of the evil queen in Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. Which would explain why I never got into princess worship, but really kind of dug…witches (and still do)! Also, the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers creeped the f— out of me when my parents took me to see it when I was 6 (yes they really took me to see it in the theater).  Mike says the 1985 horror movie The Stuff creeped him out. He does not like amorphous things (and still refuses to eat yogurt).

In Wednesday’s trivia game, the “baby” of our team – Evan – revealed that his parents would not allow him to see the 1993 blockbuster hit Jurassic Park ( which was released when he was 5) .Why? Because he was so scared of the animatronic dinosaurs he’d previously seen at a zoo! Even when he was older and wound up seeing the movie, he said the scene where the Velociraptor leaps into an air vent really, really scared him. I told him that when Mike and I saw that when we were 21, that we were actually kind of scared, too! The CG was so good we were almost convinced the dinosaurs were real (well played, Steven Spielberg)!


A very tense scene from Jurassic Park.

We played the first game of the new My Trivia Live season Wednesday at Tower Inn. The place was more crowded than usual, because of a “dine and donate” event that was just starting to wind down. We finished in first for the night with 67 points going into the final, winning a $30/first place prize. We only missed two regular round questions and two halftime questions.

Please assume all questions will be abbreviated…

Round One

1. Animals – What medium sized ring-tailed mammal appears as if it were wearing a mask?

2. Quotes – What “piano man” was quoted as saying, “Musicians want to be the loud voice for so many quiet hearts?”

3. ’90s Movies – What 1993 Steven Spielberg blockbuster movie was set on an island called Isla Nubar?

Round Two

1. Science Terms – What word describes regaining shape after deformation? There was something in the question referring to spandex pants, but I didn’t write all of it down.

2. Universities – With one in Los Angeles and the “flagship” location in Berkley, CA, what university has two branches in the PAC 12?

3. Sitcoms -In its original run and revival, what is the name of the sitcom in which the “second” character in the name is played by Debra Messing? For a three point bonus, who narrated the series How I Met Your Mother? First time we got a bonus MTL question in quite a long time…

Round Three

1. Typing – The tab key indicates what on a word processor?

2. Game Shows – What game show that originally aired in the 1960s was revived in the 1990s and stated in the closing credits, “You hear the beep, think of all of the fun you can have?” Off our radar, miss for 1.

3. Rock Miracles – For which band did Rick Allen, who lost his arm in an accident, serve as the drummer? There was a bit more to this question…


Indicate “yes” or “no” as to whether the following locations on Earth can be seen by an astronaut in low-earth orbit.

Pyramids of Giza, Great Wall of China, Golden Gate Bridge, night lights of Las Vegas

Got two of these correct.

We were in third going into the second half out of six teams playing with 33 points. The top team, whose name we didn’t recognize, had 35 points.

Round Four

1. Aviation – In what decade were Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan presumed to have died?

2. Literature  – What Dickens work originated as a pamphlet as an “appeal to the people of England?” I did not write down this question in its entirety, so to make up for that, I will say that this work was published in 1843. Miss for 2.

3. Recent Movies – What 2013 movie that won the Oscar for best adapted screenplay was based on the memoirs of Solomon Northrup?

Round Five

1. College Football – In 2019, the NCAA revised the overtime rule for Division 1 teams that stated that alternative two point conversion runs would begin in which overtime period? We used our “word of the day” on this question – even though we had a good guess, so free 6 points!

2. Africa – IN 2015, which country changed its name to Eswatini?

3. Classic Comic Strips – Alvin Colt was the costume designer for a Broadway show that was based on an Al Capp comic strip featuring hillbillies?


The “Dogpatch” restaurant in Munising, MI. Read more about the pop culture mysteries of this comic strip in this other blog I wrote.

Round Six

1. Royalty – The granddaughter of what English queen turned down a proposal twice to marry Nicholas II, whom would eventually become the tsar of Russia (she eventually married him right after he became tsar)? Yeah, that union was a bit…doomed, wasn’t it?


Let them have…hemophilia! First royal decree by these two (JK)!

2. Geometry – What term describes a pyramid-like shape with four faces?

3. Meat – What animal is the basis for veal?

We had 67 points going into the final and were in first. Our nearest competitors had 59 points.

The Islas Canarias, or the Canary Islands, a group of Spanish islands, have been speculated to have been named for what animal?

Final Category – Island Hopping

The Islas Canarias, or the Canary Islands, a group of Spanish islands, have been speculated to have been named for what animal?

Final scores: ???, 52, 116, Thought Dogs, 119, ‘Pods.

Until next time, which is TBD! Good luck to the teams competing in the Sporcle Live state championships Sunday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Rasputin!






One thought on “Trivia Recap – November 21, 2019 – Tower Inn

  1. Round one answers – raccoon, billy joel, jurassic park
    Round 2 answers – resilience, univ of ca, will and grace/bob Saget
    Round 3 – indentation, supermarket sweep, def leppard
    Halftime yes, no, yes, yes
    Round 4 – 1930s, xmas carol, 12 yrs a slave
    Round 5 – 5, swazilqmd, lil Abner
    Round 6 Victoria , tetrahedron, cow
    Final dog

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