MTL Qualifiers Announced

My team’s  number is on the list of teams  that qualified  for semis December  7! Location  TBD…

I’m  excited…my work schedule  will  be a lot calmer by then, and it will feel good to get  back  on the tournament  “horse” for MTL after we’ve been out of action as a team for a while. And also good because  the Sporcle tournaments…  didn’t  work out for us this time around. I didn’t  have my best  players  all available  to do semis.

I have  my foursome  lined up, and even  have an “alternate” lined  up in case any of my four  can’t  fulfill their “duties.” Now I’m  wondering  who became Miss America after Vanessa  Williams  had to step down because  of the nude  photos controversy. That’s  my weird mind  for ya – it’s  a nice  place to visit, but you wouldn’t  want to live here!

Or maybe  you’re  content  just getting  a taste of my strange  mind  by reading  my  silly blogs? 😂

Oy, I’m  starting  to get  a bit  tired…time  for bed!


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