First Place Tower Inn!

Won a first place/$30 prize in our first game of the My Trivia  Live season tonight.

Sixty seven points  heading into the final (not too bad)!  Players  ages ranged from 31 to 58. Our  “young’n” Evan knocked  the three point  bonus answer out of the park –  and he also shared a super cute  story  about  his childhood involving  dinosaurs (that will have to wait  for Thursday’s  game  recap).

I made a “deal” with myself  tonight  – if I stay booze-free from today  until “Thanksgiving  Eve,” I can… party a bit that night. If I have any drinks before then, I’ll  have to wait  until Black  Friday to have any more drinks. I don’t  think I’ll  be able  to stay sober all day on Black Friday. Come on…I work in “Retailville!” I get out of work at 3 p.m. that day, which is when some happy hours  begin!

I’m  only human…

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