New My Trivia Live Season Begins Tonight…

We’ll  be  playing the first game  of the season  for the My Trivia  Live  league at Tower Inn tonight. We plan to play here every week until at least the end of the year   (the games  on Christmas  and New Year’s  weeks will likely  be called off because  of the holidays). That’s  enough  time to test the waters… After that, I’ll  try deciding how  to proceed with the team (such  as it is). With one of my players  recently  announcing getting  engaged (and married), this pretty much means we probably won’t  play trivia games too much together anymore. Life happens -and life  goes on…la la how  the life goes on!

I know I don’t  have  a “tournament  team” anymore. But  that’s  OK! We are survivors –  and always find a way to be  at tournaments. Even if it means  joining forces with our “allies” or borrowing players  from other  teams.

I miss Archie a lot – but especially  at MTL tournament  times – he may not have  been the best  player  I could get, but he had a good heart – and was always pumped to play with “The ‘Pods.” I could count on him…

I don’t  think Tower Inn will last too long as  trivia  spot, but  I hope  I’m  wrong!

Recap posted after 430 pm Thursday…

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