How Do I Deal With This Whiny “Beta Male?”

I recently described a new male hire at work as a “beta male.” Let’s see – he claimed to have had an “anxiety attack” when a bitchy supervisor was riding his ass last week, he had to leave early during one of his shifts because he “left his medication at home,” has called off at least four times because of “not feeling well,” yesterday he called off because he claimed to have a job interview for a teaching position (he will tell anyone who listens that he has a master’s degree in art, which tells me he thinks he’s above the menial job for which he was recently hired), comes in “when he feels like it…”

And today? Mr., “I have a master’s degree” (said in a whiny, nasally voice) couldn’t handle the very, very menial task of…sorting and sizing merchandise. He asked if “someone else could do it.” In an ineffectual, nasally voice. If the poor lad traded jobs with me for a day, he’d wind up calling off for the whole next week on the account of pulling a muscle. This guy is… soft and mushy. I mused with my husband that he needs to time travel back to the ’60s and get drafted to serve in ‘Nam. Boot camp will fix that boy right up. And if boot camp doesn’t work, navigating Viet Cong booby traps in the jungle under raining gunfire while Creedence’s song “Fortunate Son” blares loudly overhead for no reason other than that they play it in EVERY Vietnam movie – will do the trick.

I’ve worked with super alpha males before, too – and that didn’t go any better! About three years ago, I had to work with “super alpha male,” who made it clear from day one – that he had zero respect for women. He felt the forehead of a female supervisor to see if she had a fever (which I thought was completely inappropriate), he constantly treated me disrespectfully (I had to get called on the carpet and ask if I had a problem with African Americans – no ma’am, I just have a problem with arrogant women-hating assholes – his race has nothing to do with it).

I just had to vent a bit…I don’t think every man in his age group is a weenie, by any means. But he is, and it didn’t happen in a vacuum.

I just had to rant a bit!

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