Bartender Made My Booze-Free Drink Extra Special Tonight – And Didn’t Charge Me!

Tonight I ordered  my standard  half club soda/half lemonade at a bar.  It’s my “no booze” drink. We had a different bartender than usual, who made it extra  fancy – and speared in a couple of lemon slices. The lemony pulp made  the drink “pop” and made it look like I was drinking a real drink. My husband had two beers, and we were only charged  for the beers, not my fountain  drink. I so appreciated  the gesture that I tipped 50 percent!

On an unrelated  note, I was inspired for a possible future  blog when I was fidgeting  with a tiny Keno  pencil. I mused about how  tiny a vampire  would have  to be for this pencil to be used as a stake to kill  it. I also made up silly dialogue  involving a super cute  tiny vampire pleading  for me not to kill it with the Keno pencil, saying he was  no threat  to humans – and just fed off field  mice. Then I wondered how tiny of a vamp could be dispatched with a …golf tee, whether  a hill giant could be effectively staked with a sharpened 4 by 4… And what about those oversized  novelty  pencils you used  to see in souvenir  shops? I have some stuff to think about! And I really want an oversized novelty pencil! Offer it to players  on my  team who ask me for a pen (LOL)! I jokingly  gave a crayon to Evan before 😂

But back to the drink! Heres a blurry  pic  of his handiwork…


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