Greetings! Reflections Upon A Light Blogging Day… (I’ve Been Busy)!

I had a bit of a “breakdown” on my way home from work today. Yes…the car is fine! I just didn’t happen to be…fine. After work today, my husband and I took off rather quickly after I got home to have some dinner out, then we played some Buzztime trivia.

November is hands-down my most stressful month of the year. If I’m going to lose my emotional shit, 9 times out of 10 – it will be in November. I’m not going to bore any of you with the gory details of what precipitated this…but I had a good cry while Billy Joel’s Vietnam song “Goodnight Saigon” played on my car’s sound system as I trekked down Interstate 94 eastbound on my way home today (all the while cursing some of the stupid drivers…does anyone enjoy being tailgated – show of hands?) Speaking of stupid drivers, there was a minor fender bender on I-94 on my way in today. It was isolated to the side, didn’t impede traffic..AT ALL – yet somehow managed to snarl up traffic all the way from U.S. 23 to the State Street exit. Ugh…GAWKERS! Hate them! Is there a pit of Hell dedicated to the housing of freeway gawkers? There should be!

I had 10 ounces of beer just now. ONLY TEN OUNCES! Not even a very strong beer at that (probably about 5 percent ABV, and not on an empty stomach). My husband said that after witnessing my horrific mood when I got home today said, “I think you need to have a drink.” I’ve made an effort to not drink at all this month, and…I’ve been good! I did happen to decree that my most stressful month of the year would also be “No Drink November,” too. Yeah…what the Hell was I thinking? I may allow myself to have at least TWO on Black Friday! Which is next week! Speaking of, I have a normal work schedule this year, which means I miss out on the family dinner (not that disappointing to me), but no graveyard shifts, which screw up my sleep schedule for at least 48 hours. My mom said “I’ll miss you,” but seriously – I won’t miss it. Thanksgiving really doesn’t even mean that much to me anymore (though I will want some of my mom’s homemade pie)!

Regarding the cutting back of drinking? There have been some positive changes. I’ve lost a little weight (using tighter notch on belt), I’ve been sleeping better, I’ve been more productive at work (the 9 a.m. schedules are also helping me tremendously). And we’ve also saved quite a bit of money.

As for trivia, I plan to play with the team Wednesday at Tower Inn, so I should have a recap after 4:30 p.m. on Thursday. I’m going to put out feelers to see if any players at any of the Sporcle Live state championships next Sunday want to write down even the most abbreviated questions from that tournament so that I can share them with my blog followers and my page followers. I’ll see if I get any bites! I’m not counting on it, but the dedication of some of the trivia folks out there never ceases to surprise me…

That’s about it for this pointless blog update! I need to get into jammies, take some Zzzquil and get some sleep!

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