Starting On Recap In A Bit…Also…Trivia Tonight?

Thanks to my man Terry from rival team Your Resume Sucks, it should be easy to do the recap  from Sunday’s  semifinal  game! Copy, paste, add my own commentary!

I’ve  tested my loyal blog followers  several times  in the past by posting “commentary” and “no commentary” versions of game recaps, and  yoy always  overwhelmingly  prefer “commentary.” Which is one of many, many reasons  I love my blog followers!

In Sunday’s  semifinals, I think I may have been a bit on edge  playing  with folks I’ve  never  played  with (one of whom I’d  never  met), so i was doodling  a bit more than usual   (though I’ve  been a compulsive doodler my whole life). I wound up turning some of those doodles  into an imaginary  creature, which  my artist husband said looked “Edward Gorey-esque.” I called it the “Doodly  Ump,” which is  a nod to the Gorey short stuory “The Wuggly  Ump.” Behold:


There  is also some unsuccessful  brainstorming  here! And now I get  to use the computer, so I’ll  sign off now. Oh yeah, we might  be playing  at Sticks  tonight…

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