Trivia Recap – November 18, 2019 – YpsiAlehouse (Sporcle Live semifinal game)

What happens when five trivia  players do battle in a semifinal game and…the team captain is absent (Kevin was attending a company-sponsored Lions game/casino outing), one of the players typically only comes out for trivia once  a month, another typically comes even less often than that – and three of the players have… never met each other before?

Well, not a whole Hell of a lot! The ragtag quintet playing under the team name “Ennui” didn’t win a state championship spot (congratulations to the top finishers More Beer Less Pants for winning a spot in that game). But we did manage to team up…quite well! We were just four points away from the team which wound up finishing in second for the night and (big shocker) got the final question correct!

Oh well, as your parents might’ve told you when you didn’t get a blue ribbon in band or track and field – or failed to win homecoming queen, class president, or whatever other thing you were trying to do when you were a kid –  “You can’t win ’em all.” That pig you raised from a piglet might not wind up winning any ribbons at the state fair (but might be made into delicious, delicious bacon), and maybe you’ll lose in that mud wrestling contest at your local sleazy bar. We can’t all be winners, can we?

Our team consisted of Ariel, Mike G. and Danielle from Ennui, and me and Mike from the ‘Pods. Kevin messaged me earlier in afternoon asking if I could play, and… could Mike also play too? So there you have it…

We wound up finishing with 128 points overall. sprinkles for us!


Special thanks to Terry from the team Your Resume Sucks for typing up the questions. Only minor modifications will be made to the questions for clarity….please assume all questions are abbreviated.

Round One:

1. What animated film is considered to be the start of the Disney Renaissance? Hit
2. What island nation is the current holder of the America’s Cup? Miss
3. Rikki Tiki Tavi and Toomai and the Elephants are short stories in what larger collected work? Hit

4. In 2017 was bought by what company for 3 billion dollars? Miss
5. Who were Queen Elizabeth’s parents? Name both for a bonus point. Got one but not both.
6. In the 1990 TV series Seaquest, what animal could talk to human using a special device? Hit.
7. Heathrow Airport and Charles De Gaulle are the busiest airports in the UK and France, name the 2 second busiest in each country. Miss
8. What 2001 song that reached #3 had the lines “Would you dance if I asked you to dance?” “Would you swear that you’ll always be mine? Hit
9. Memo is short for what 10-letter word?
10. Of the 10 numbers in the ‘80’s, what are the prime numbers? Hit

Given the following letters: Which elements in the periodic table are first alphabetically, with the following letters the last letter in their name
1. D
2. Y
3. N
4. R

Got them all.

Round Two

1. What natural disaster promoted the first Earth day in 1970? We considered several possibilities, including the right disaster – but miss.


One of the correct answers to the previous question is listed here (but we didn’t write it down on our slip).

2. In 1998 what band reached No. 1 and had 4 charting songs, but their previous number one album had been in 1971? A lot of discussion, but miss. Aerosmith was suggested, but ruled out because they had hits in the ’80s (Rag Doll, Love in an Elevator, Angel – for inquiring minds – my favorite two Aerosmith songs are Dream On and What It Takes). We wound up putting down The Beatles at the last second in utter and complete desperation. When you find yourselves in times of trouble…put down “The Beatles” as your answer to a music question!
3. Mirepoix, a mixture of Onion, Carrot and Celery is what in Italian? Miss. Wonder if any teams got this correct…
4. Which recent Will Ferrell film won a Razzie? Teamwork prevailed here, hit.
5. Which river boarders a small amount of New Mexico? Considered right river, but talked ourselves out of it, miss.
6. Which 1982 Arcade game was the first racing game? It’s rare when I know a video game answer…hit
7. What company was sued in 2001 by MCA records, Motown, RCA and more? Hit, and damn how I miss that company’s “product…” #kidinacandystore
8. What 2015 reality show added “OG” to their title? Hit
9. What other two players besides Joe Montana won Super Bowls for San Francisco? I think you got bonus point for naming two, we got one but not both.
10. The first Youtube video in April 25, 2005 was shot where? Miss.

Given the Governors name, guess the state they are from:
1. Polk, Johnson, Alexander
2. Hancock, Dukakis, Weld
3. Long, Blanco, Jindal
4. Connolly, Richards, Abbott

Got all of these.

Final Question

Which actress has won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress within the last ten years?

And that’s a WRAP! Other than the state championship Saturday, this trivia season is “in the can!” The ‘Pods might be out doing trivia battle tonight. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Carlos Santana!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – November 18, 2019 – YpsiAlehouse (Sporcle Live semifinal game)

  1. game one answers: the little mermaid, new zealand, the jungle book, pet supplies plus, henry 8/anne bolelyn, dolphin, Gatwick/Paris Orly, Hero, memorandum, 83/89
    mystery – gold, antimony, argon, copper
    game two answers: oil spill, santana, soffrito, holmes and watson, pole position, napster, jerry rice/steve young, teen mom, san diego zoo
    mystery – tennessee, massachusetts, louisiana, texas
    final answer: Viola davis

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