I’m Just Glad I Got To Play Tonight!

Me and my  husband  sat in  with  a friend’s team in a Sporcle  Live  semifinal  game tonight. We were only four  points behind  the team that wound  up  finishing  second   (and  winning  a state  championship  spot) and we  got the final question  correct. The  team I sat  with  was not enthused  about  a Lansing  finals  anyway.

Three of us were  all CMU grads in the mid 1990s…Go  Chippewas!

So…we didn’t  win  a state  championship  spot tonight, but…I got to play!  I was feeling  so strange  that my team didn’t  play today…

I was  the  hero of the game one mystery  round…which  is weird  because  I ain’t  no scientist!

Recap  will be after 430 Monday. I don’t  want to post  anything  too early on the off chance  I may give lifelines to any west coast blog  followers!

In other news, I broke  down and had ONE beer  tonight. Apparently  I’m  kind  of a “lightweight” now (lol)! I had  zero desire  to have any more drinks…now to let the Zzzquil do its thing!

Oh….heard Shibbo  didn’t  advance tonight. IKR? I don’t  believe  it either.  I have  little  doubt  he will get  a place  to sit next Sunday  in Lansing anyway.

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