It’s Been A While – But I Feel Like Conquering a New Trivia Topic!

I’ve decided to make the Periodic Table Of Elements – my bitch.

I’m going to set out to learn every single element name on the Periodic Table of Elements. What I’m NOT going to try to do is remember atomic numbers, atomic weights, etc. Just the names, ma’am!

Why? I already seem to have a “knack” for remembering the element names, anyway. I backed up the team I played with Sunday quite well on our mystery round involving element names. This would just be upping my game a bit. Let’s see…I’ve already managed to remember the names of every “Big Four” sports team and location in the United States/Canada; I can name every single president of the United States (and many VPs, too), I can name every single sovereign nation in the world, I can name every movie that won the Academy Award for best picture (though I can’t match all of the movies released before 1960 with a year).

I’ve totally GOT this!

Now to see how I do on the Periodic Table quiz on the Sporcle site…which I will attempt to take over…and over…and over again – until I get the all correct! Hey…whatever works, right?


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