Why I Decided To Have A Beer Last Night…

I’ve  been trying  to be “booze free” during this  month  for personal –  and health reasons.

Last night, I succumbed to temptation  and had ONE beer after 15 consecutive  sober  days. A pilsner  from a local craft brewery…

It was MY choice to have  a drink. No peer pressure, I just wanted to have one beer. It took me longer  to drink  that  one beer than it took my husband  to drink  two!

Those two booze-free weeks really zapped my tolerance. I was feeling  the effects  right away! Me and a couple  of bartenders  were bantering  back  and forth about..’80s music trivia. They wanted me to quiz them and I had my quiz mistress  hat on (LOL)!

One beer was all I wanted. I think I just wanted to take a bit of the edge off after the semifinal  game. I met new people, didn’t  particularly  like one of them   (being  grilled on my ’80s music knowledge by  that woman  sitting next to me made me a bit…testy). I’m  the first to admit when  I’m  not going to know a trivia  question  answer. But I KNEW Aerosmith was NOT the coreect answer (see latest game recap  to view that  question). When I tried ruling them out as correct  because they  had hits in the ’80s (the question stated  that the group we needed had four hits from 1999 to 2003 after having no hits since 1971).

She said, “name one” when I said Aerosmith had hits in the ’80s. And it wasn’t  even enough when I said  “Love in an Elevator. ” Gah!

“That  was  ’90s,” she aaid.

“No it wasn’t,” I said (I was  getting  frustrated).  Eventually, she backed off and we did NOT put  Aerosmith as our answer (Santana  was the correct  answer).

Ugh! I’ve  put up  with an emotionally  shaky new hire, and a busier work schedule  over the past  two weeks with no booze. But apparently…contention  with another player  proved enough to break  down my resolve to not drink!

Just a temporary  setback! I’m  still committed  to my goal…

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