I’m Just A No-Nonsense, No BS Gen-X Gal…Stuck Between An Uptight Boomer And A Fragile Millennial

A new guy I’m  training  walked off the job early today. Why? Because our Boomer  supervisor  – a perfectionist, bitchy, never shuts the f— up woman (whom has never missed a day of work, had to be ordered not to work after she gave birth to her son) was breaking  his balls and gave the poor dear an… anxiety attack.

In his defense, yes I could  see she was being way too hard on the lad. Saying, “You should be learning this stuff by now,” relentlessly  pointing out his mistakes – that was uncalled for. However, being that I’ve  never been coddled by my parents – or in the workplace  – I could also see he was being “too” needy, too. One does need to be somewhat adaptable in the workplace. I’ve certainly  taken plenty of shit in stride, though occasionally  I fight back – and draw my line in the sand. I have gotten chewed out for telling “Ms. Supervisor” to…shut up (she wasn’t listening to anything I said). But I’ve  never had an “anxiety attack.” I’m  tough, I’m  a professional, I can keep it together under pressure.. I’m  not going to go crying to my bosses  every  time “Ms. Supervisor” is a bitch.

I feel like I am stuck  in the middle between these two personality  extremes. I want to tell “Ms. Supervisor” to go a bit easier and show some patience  with the new kid – but I also want to tell this kid to toughen up  a little. Sadly, I don’t  think either thing will happen. He’ll  most likely quit, and we’ll  all have to put up with this bitch until she retires (she’s  been with the company almost as long  as I’ve  been alive).

Sigh…my other boss is at her wit’s  end with “Ms. Supervisor,” too. She’s  going to try making sure she’s  not working with us as much.

Did I mention I’m  giving up booze this month? 😂

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