Day 10 Of “No Drink November”

Aside from the 10% alcohol content of the of the  Save  A Lot knockoff version  of Nyquil cold and flu, I haven’t  had  any  alcoholic  drinks for 10 consecutive  days.

I plan to soldier through 20 more days of sobriety  before having  another  drink. Yes, even Black Friday after my shift is done #resolveface.  I’m  calling  this “No Drink November.” Why should bearded guys have all the fun? Sobriety  is almost as fun as a beard (pssst…it’s  not). I’m  actually  kind  of jealous  that guys get to use their  facial hair  as an accessory (though  not jealous that for most it requires daily  maintenance). It has been worthwhile, though, to give up the booze. Makes me feel like I have control of something  that was… controlling  my life for too long. Kind of empowering, in its own  way. I like the feeling.

This all fits in with my being a “rubber  meets the road kind of gal,” as someone described  me years  ago. Challenge  accepted!

I’m actually surprised by my willpower. Also happy about  the money we’ve  saved (which my husband said today is quite a significant  amount). We’ve  saved  more than $150 since I started cutting  back on booze   (ultimately  cutting  back entirely).

Maybe we’ll  treat ourselves  with this extra  cash by doing an overnight  at a local luxury  hotel later (on a week night). Hot tub!

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