It Feels Weird Not Playing Semis This Weekend…

I’ve  just finished  looking  at the local teams playing Sporcle semis  this weekend. And it seems weird not seeing  our  name on the list! Sure, there are still Michigan  spots open, but  nope – no ‘Pods this time!

One of the Corner  Brewery  players  said he’d  try  writing  down the questions for me and report  who advances. I may stop in at the YpsiAlehouse toward  the end to see the  final  q and find out  who advances. There is only “one” team playing  there that I hope  doesn’t  advance (hell hath no fury like a trivia woman scorned, lol).

I’m predicting MBLP will advance and I think Ennui has a 50 percent  chance to advance. I don’t  know enough about the other Alehouse teams to comment further. The team I hate will probably advance 😈

I predict  Your Resume Sucks and Sabretooth Crotch Crickets  will advance from the Corner  Brewery  and think Sparty On have  a 50 50 chance. I think Homoerotic Trivia  Montage may also be dark horses, The Moops will almost certainly  advance  and of course What The Shibboleth  will advance, too. And probably Keerok.

In other news, I’m  99 percent sure I have my lineup secured for the MTL tourneys in December.

This  is the  first time I’ve  ever deliberately  kept my team out of a tournament  we qualified  for. But  I knew we wouldn’t  have enough  players  and wouldn’t  stand a chance. Maybe next time!

And…over ‘n out with this  trivia  update!

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