Day Six With No Booze

Today  marks the sixth consecutive  night  since  I’ve  had a drink. It’s  probably  the longest  I’ve  gone without  booze since before I was legal  drinking  age   (1993). I was also very tempted  today, but overcame it.

My husband  is cutting  back  on drinking, too. He’s  not exactly  the poster boy for willpower, but then, I have  my weaknesses, too. Like…potato  chips. God I could have  some  right  now! Curly, salty, crispy, kettle cooked (pardon me while I wipe  off the drool).

I know  I can go the weekend without  a drink. As for  Archie’s memorial  party in early December? Uh….we’ll  see about  that!

Next  on the chopping  block? Trivia  games! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Yeah, right! You  guys  all know me better than  that…


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