Season’s “Beatings!”

If you’re me, ’tis the season to be busy  at work and tired when  you’re  not at work – all beneath  a backdrop  of holiday music over the public address system.

Right now, I’m  in comfy clothes (pjs, fuzzy robe) and melting into the couch while  I wait for the Kirkland ibuprofen  gelcaps to work their magic. I just started season 4 of Buffy. Later, Mike and I will play some Buzztime trivia  (Spotlight). I’m  still committed to not drinking, though  I was  tempted again today. For me, not  drinking  on  a Friday night is like being a kid  and not getting  cake on your birthday. But  I can order  a personal  pizza and have it MY way!

No trivia this weekend, and  I still haven’t  decided  where we will play next week. I’m  leaning  towards checking out Sporcle semis next Sunday  at the YpsiAlehouse, since it’s  more “sober friendly” than the Corner Brewery. You can get flavored seltzer water on tap with refills at the Alehouse (the desert pear flavor is yummy)! Corner Brewery just offers canned LaCroix (bleah)! Still not 100 percent sure whether I’ll  go or not, I will see how I feel.

It is fun sitting  in on a tournament  you don’t  have to play!

That’s  about it  for now…back  to relaxation protocol alpha!






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