Last Night, My Husband Played “Doctor” With Me…

After getting  home from our  trivia game last night, my husband decided  to be a bit bossy, and he ordered  me to:

Eat a clove of  raw garlic!

He said it would help me fight  off  the last lingering symptoms  of my cold (mainly cough).

Being that I’m  *somewhat* knowledgeable  about herbal and homeopathic  remedies, I knew he was right. Garlic has a whole host of uses in healing – it helps lower blood pressure and has antibacterial/antibiotic  properties. I read years  ago in an herbal remedy  book that garlic was used as an antibiotic on Russian soldiers during World War I. It was used to treat  battle  wounds  and to fight infections.

Farther back in history, slaves  building  the pyramids  were given rations  of garlic – and would protest  if those rations were cut. The earliest Olympic  athletes ate…you guessed it -garlic, because they believed  it improved  their strength  and  performance.

I did feel better today after eating  the garlic last night. I just  had another “dose,” chased by a snack of graham  crackers  and strawberry  preserves (which are doing little to mask the powerful underlying  raw garlic taste).

Yes, this  will make me a bit stinky  for a while, but hopefully  will also make this pesky cough subside soon. And help keep the vampires  away when I breathe on them!



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