Apparently I’m Not That Good At Being An Addict…

On January 7, 2019 – I had my last cigarette after smoking casually for almost seven years. No relapses, no serious withdrawal, maybe a few wild dreams. I was never  a heavy smoker – typically only 3-4 a day on average.

A few days ago on November  1, I had three drinks – and decided  those  would  be the last drinks I would  have for at least a month. This was after having  cut back significantly  on drinks  in the preceding days.

Several  articles I read said that alcohol withdrawal  can dangerous. Delirium tremens, shakes, all sorts of bad stuff. I was a pretty heavy drinker  (mainly a binge drinker) for years, though apparently  not enough of one to be experiencing  any scary withdrawal  symptoms. I *guess* that’s  good – right? Just walk away from the booze?

I started experiencing  nausea when consuming  booze (and also food) on the weekend  of October  18, and a little  bit in the weeks leading up to it. I was  also under a lot of stress, and came down with  a sudden cold/flu (still haven’t  figured  out exactly  what  it was)  accompanied by fever (happened  on a trip  out of town). My body couldn’t  take the heavy  drinking, heavy stress and being sick  on top of it all.

The indigestion  has pretty much abated completely – except  when I have drinks – even just a couple. I shouldn’t  have to take antacids after drinking  to avoid  feeling like  I have to puke. I’m  treating this very seriously. My body spoke (more like cried out) – and I listened.

Which is why I recently decided to do “No Drink November.”

I haven’t  felt  tempted…yet. Though  I’m  trying  to stay out of bars without free refills on soft drinks, good nonalcoholic  alternatives, etc. I will NOT drink “near  beer!” Original  Gravity serves tasty Sprecher sodas – you  can drink  the cream soda or root beer in a pint glass and appear to the world that you’re  having a porter – or cream ale!

If a whole month passes and I feel like celebrating  with a drink, I will. If I don’t, I won’t. If I do – I’m  going  to try  going  back to being  a weekend drinker. And keep it chill when I do.

I feel  like  I’m  in control. Let’s  hope I can stay in control.

There is one addiction  I won’t  conquer anytime soon – and that’s  pub trivia! And I can play just fine while sober!

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