Tiring Time Of Year…

I know I haven’t  blogged much lately…but I’ve  been busting ass at work – and still haven’t  recovered  all of my hit  points. I don’t  *feel* sick, but this cough is still hanging around like an ugly macramé plant holder.  One made by your Aunt Beverly out of orange and brown yarn.  You want to get rid of it, but the minute you do, she’ll  drop by and ask what happened to it. I know because  of my childhood asthma I’m  more prone to chest congestion lingering  after a cold…but   (whine) ENOUGH!

Speaking  of work, I LOVE the 9 am schedule! I get  to drive  to work with  sunglasses on, get to say goodbye  to my husband… and I saw deer running across the street on my drive home! We also had some wander into our  backyard  – my husband  took some pics, I’ll  share those later after I upload ’em.

I think  our new guy we hired will be….OK. He doesn’t  give  off attitude, but is a total “rookie.” He has to be taught…everything. I’ve  been  very patient  with him, but I’m  not the best at being  a bubbly  employee  trainer. Thankfully  Julie picked up the slack!

As for trivia, we’re  playing  our  last game of the season at Tower Inn tomorrow. I’ve  been talking  to players  who can round out  our quartet for the semis/finals in December. One  of the players  I talked to sounded like he could play – and made me tear up a bit when he said “Let’s  win it for Archie.” Pretty big words from someone who never met him… Maybe  that should  be our team name!

I’m  going to see how many players I have  who might  want to play at Bobcat Bonnie’s next Wednesday during  MTL’s bye week.

That’s  all I have to report for now. Maybe that ibuprofen  will start working its magic on my back pain soon!

Back to season 3 of Buffy! If Facebook  Watch cooperates…

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