“I Didn’t Know You Were a League Team”

As I lie here  waiting  for the Zzzquil and cough syrup to help me drift off, here’s  a “bedtime story!”

I signed up  for  a trivia  game Saturday  night  and wrote my team’s number  on  the slip. Also, it’s  not unusual  to play a trivia  game where the  host  doesn’t  know who we are (though  most other  players  seem to kmow who  we are, especially in the MTL league).

When I looked  at  the  scores  for  last  night, ours  wasn’t  listed.  I messaged the host and gave her our league  number in the message.  the host She said she’d  take  care  of it. Also she  said:

I didn’t  know  you were  a league  team.

My team can’t set  foot  in most  My Trivia Live spots without being  recognized  by other players ( it kind  of bothers  me a bit  sometimes). It’s  been like  this  since  we won  the  first  place  prize  in finals in 2017. It’s  kind of cute that we visit a Sporcle spot  where  the newish  host  doesn’t  recognize  us after nearly  eight  years  of playing! I know  at least  a couple  of teams last night  knew who we were!

Mys team’s  Facebook  page has about  650 followers, this blog has about  160 followers  and I have  no idea  how  we’re  doing  on Twitter  (and don’t  care). #toowordyfortwitter Should  I do Snapchat or Instagram? Nah!

Sometime  you  wanna  play where  nobody  knows  your  name!





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