Saturday Night Trivia – Tonight!

My husband and I are going  out for a trivia game at Oscar’s  tonight. It’s  been quite  a while  since we played  here, mainly  because my husband always seemed to rub the previous  trivia  host the wrong way (and vice versa)! I also didn’t  care for the previous host, but on *most* occasions, I could tolerate them. Though  I wasn’t  a fan  of excessive  talking/storytelling on the mic, calling out players  who “misbehaved,” or shows that started late – and ran overly long. I just  don’t get  why someone getting  paid by the gig – and not by the hour – would want the “gig” to be longer  than necessary. I’ve come  to really, really  appreciate  trivia hosts who run tight shows.

My team managed to win a couple of finals spots by playing  here under the old  Sporcle format (venue tournaments). I kind of miss the venue tournaments  – my team  always seemed to qualify  under  this  system (had to win a “deciding game” at the end of the season). I don’t  think  the “best  12 scores out of 21 games” system works well for us. But you can’t  please every trivia team, can you? It will be interesting  to see if Sporcle continues  this  into 2020 –  or changes it again.

As for the “other” league we play (My Trivia  Live), we’re playing two more weeks to finish  the season. After that, we’ll  dangle our “tentacles” into the waters and decide whether  it will be a weekly thing. We’re  sometimes  a bit commitment  phobic!

As for tonight, it might just be my husband and I, but I’ve  invited  another  player  and his “significant  other” to join us, so we’ll  see!

This  means I’ll  have a Sunday  recap…it will be nice to do a recap on a day I don’t  have  to work. ☺

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