Some Harrisville, MI Scenes…

My husband and I recently visited the tiny city of Harrisville, MI, which is the sixth smallest incorporated “entity” that can qualify as a “city” in the state. Harrisville has the following details, per this online article.

Harrisville, MI Deets:

Pop: 514

Incorporated: 1905

This little city on the shores of Lake Huron was founded in the late 1800’s and retains several of its turn-of-the-century structures, which can be seen on the Harrisville Heritage Route Trail. The city’s harbor is also a popular spot for trout and salmon fishing.

So Where Is Harrisville, MI exactly?



The city is also home to the aptly named Harrisville State Park, a marina/harbor and is a couple of clicks away from the Sturgeon Point Lighthouse. Here are a few shots I took of this tiny city on our recent visit:


Mill Creek, emptying into Lake Huron (just LOOK at those itty bitty waterfalls)!


A view from Harrisville Marina



An abandoned industrial building near the “pedestrian” entrance to Harrisville State Park (which is coming up next:


Campers in the state park can take a short walk into Harrisville (about 0.7 miles one way). We took a walk into town to check out a bar called Shotmakers…it was quite popular with the locals, but it just wasn’t quite “our scene.” #strangerinastrangeland Another Harrisville bar called Ki Cuyler’s used to be located right across the street from the state park, but it burned down within the past year.

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