Oh Lucy…I’m Home!

Hey blog readers – did y’all miss me?

I JUST got back from a three-day trip to the lovely area of Michigan referred to by Michiganians as “Up North.” Specifically, Harrisville, MI.

Highlights of the trip? Sweating out a fever in a sleeping bag rated for 30 degrees Fahrenheit Saturday night! I guess this will be my little “Saturday Night Fever” story? Other than a little stomach upset, I’m feeling much, much better now. My cold symptoms have virtually subsided completely. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a fever – I remember thinking my forehead felt hot, then when I broke out into a sweat later on, I kind of put two and two together (feverish folks aren’t exactly the most logical folks in the world). Also, I guess you have to pee…A LOT – when you’re in a feverish state. When your body is trying to flush stuff out, it leaves nothing to chance! Only inconvenient thing is the bathrooms were about 200 feet away, so as you can imagine, I kind of, well… “moistened” some white pine needles around the cabinĀ  rather than make the “trek” every time I had to piss (I’d have to say I probably had to take about six pee breaks that night). An outhouse nearby was locked – they only keep it open when the “real” bathrooms are closed for the season (that was kind of a disappointment).

In trivia news, I was messaged by the trivia host at Tower Inn and she says if we play every game there we’ll qualify for the semifinals December 7. Game on! I’ve already been in talks with a potential fourth player, who has backed up my team in regular season games before, but never in a tournament game.

Speaking of trivia, I have to take a *much needed* shower before heading out to my trivia game tonight, so I’ll sign off on this blog for now! I’m so strapped for time that I’ll basically be doing a “wash and go” (not bothering to blow dry hair) since I also have to make a little time to shove some food at my face #thethingsidofortrivia I’ll leave y’all with a silly selfie of me and my husband by a campfire last night…

2019-10-20 20.31.18

Aside from the campfire providing us with the evening’s entertainment, we were also quite entertained by a toad whom had hitched a ride in a bundle of firewood we’d purchased at a nearby BP station! More about that later, stay tuned!

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