Greetings From The Alcona Brew Haus!

Well, I came down with a cold on my first day of vacay, but we have a warm, cozy cabin and some movies to watch. I found  a copy of The Shining for six bucks! I got into a bit of a “jukebox war” with a fat busty redneck bitch at a local dive bar last night but I got to hear some of my classic rock jams that she paid extra $ to push  her shitty music ahead  of mine in the queue ( though  the barflies liked my music choices better).

More about  that when I get home! Here’s  a shot of my Alcona steam beer….


Blurry, kind of like  my congested cold-infested head! I’ll  use the nasal spray  after (don’t  want  the menthol to get in the way of the taste of this beer)!

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