First “Team” MTL Game In Almost A Year Tonight!

Tonight, for the first time since December, 2018, I’ll  be assembling a “team” of my own – with more than two players  – for a My Tivia Live game.  I have played  as a “hired gun” in a  couple of MTL tournaments  since then, but haven’t  gotten my own MTL “gang” together for quite a while! We played  MTL games fairly regularly  from 2016 to August, 2018.

I’ve  actually  been hoping a new MTL show would open up  in my ‘hood! My team  used to play  at The Wurst Bar, but we lost interest  in the trivia scene there, and the owner wound up hiring a different  trivia  company. The new company’s  trivia nights only lasted about two months (if that long ).

We also played a couple of seasons at a “dive” bar called Powell’s, but one of players  decided  he didn’t  want  to play there  anymore. My husband  and I followed suit, and decided  to stop playing  there, too.

We tried out a Canton trivia spot late last year, but decided that spot wasn’t  working  out well, either. Sometimes  you just don’t  latch onto a trivia  spot, for whatever  reason. I hated the drives into Canton (I really, really  don’t  like Canton), and I was only able to get  a couple of players  out there. It just didn’t  “feel” right, and the prizes were too elusive.

After that, my husband  and I played MTL games occasionally, and played some tourneys as a “guest” player.

Tonight, I’ll  have four  players  for this game (me, Mike, Brad and Evan). Let’s  hope MTL can keep a show going here longer than Sporcle did last year, since it’s  nice having  trivia  spots close to home!

I do plan to do one more Milan trivia  game (until next spring) the first week of November. Speaking of Milan, it looks as though  the Odd Side Ales tap takeover  is done at The Owl. I jokingly  asked a friend to bring  me a howler of the hipster brunch stout when he plays there  tonight (yuck)!

As always, we’ll  see how it goes…

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