Walking To Our Game Tonight…

Our car won’t be quite ready until Thursday morning. Does this mean I’m  calling off tonight’s  game at Tower Inn? If you answered “yes, ” then… you don’t  know me very well!

Mike and I will both be walking two miles to the game, and hitching  a ride with Evan on the way home.

It’s  actually  been fun doing the rides with my mom to work! When she showed up this morning, she rolled down the window and said, “Can you drive?” I joked,  “Why, you too drunk to drive?” My mom isn’t  a drinker, but wasn’t  really  comfortable  driving so early in the dark on highways (though  she is an early riser). I’m  a good  girl and do what my mom says! Her Buick Lucerne is a pretty roomy, smooth ride – and has leather seats…

Our car is getting some labor intensive repairs (engine belt and full brake job). Complicating  things, the repair shop was closed Monday for Columbus Day.

Aren’t  car repairs such…six tons of fun?

This won’t  be the first time we’ve  walked to a trivia game – I even walked during a snowstorm before, and learned I had a leaky boot! I had to call my husband   (who drove) and ask  him to bring some dry socks.

Well…I do need the exercise…


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