Leave a Gal Alone When She’s Doing Laundry!

I’m  finding  myself  more offended – than horrified – by a couple of episodes of Forensic  Files I’ve  watched  in the past couple  of days. Both episodes chronicled cases involving women – all of whom lived single in apartments – whom were  attacked, raped and killed while they were doing laundry (using laundry facilities  not located in their homes).

I certainly  don’t  want  to be one of those women who claim all men are pigs. But if I spent enough time watching shows like these, I might start thinking otherwise!

I think  about all the time I lived in apartments and did laundry  while I was home alone – and never  thinking for a second about how dangerous  that was. To think that some asshole neighbor man decided to stalk me for months waiting for an opportunity  to attack me while I’m  schlepping  laundry from point A to point  B. I get in “the zone” when I’m doing laundry  and DEFINITELY  don’t  want  to be bothered! And I am in no way, shape or form “asking for it” if some asshole accosts me while I’m  cleaning  the lint filter  on the dryer! Really, criminals? Laundry day attacks? Even Ted Bundy  didn’t  attack women on laundry day (though  maybe  he did…he was a monster)!

Has lurking in alleys and parking garages  gone out of fashion? How about attacking a drunk girl when she’s  stumbling home from a bar? Maybe  even doing a Ted Bundy move and pretending  to be disabled and then luring her into your beige VW? All of those scenarios I can handle – but not some monster attacking me on… laundry day! I’ll  bet  getting smacked in the face  with a big  bottle of laundry  soap wouldn’t  feel  none too good! That is, of course, the attacker hasn’t  managed to strangle me with one of my bras or gagged me with my own panties (two of the victims in the shows I watched were bound with their own undergarments).

Maybe not ALL men are pigs, but I’m  going to be more wary on laundry day from now on!



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