How Many Beers Does It Take For Michigan Drinkers To Start Feeling Drunk?

Apparently, residents in the state of Michigan rate second best nationally at tolerating beer, behind the state of Arizona, according to this article. It takes roughly 4.02 beers with 4.5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) for Michigan folks to start saying “I love you, man.” Or to start dramatically extending pinkies while drinking beer from a stemmed glass…


You can’t see that I’m extending my pinkie in this picture, but I’m pretty sure I am! I am at the YpsiAlehouse in this 2016 photo.

While I am a bit disappointed that my home state lags behind Arizona in this regard (hmmph), I’m proud to be from such a beer loving state! Take that, Wisconsin and Minnesota – we’re better than you ! According to the survey, Michiganians have the second-highest perceived tolerance to beer in the country at 4.02 beers to get drunk. Only Arizona (4.04 beers) was higher. Maine (3.88 beers), Wisconsin (3.88 beers) and Missouri (3.87 beers) rounded out the top 5.

But still, SECOND place? What would Madonna say about that? “Don’t go for second best, baby, put your beer tolerance to the test!” Yeah, I might’ve changed those lyrics a bit… What would Bender from Futurama say about that?


Zoidberg and Bender on Futurama

Clearly us Michiganians have some work to do if we’re going to beat Arizona in the great beer-off! I guess it’s not enough that we have 120 craft breweries in the state and you can find them in pretty much every town. Some towns have more than one (my town has Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery and the YpsiAlehouse). Though I hear another one is coming soon to the old Dalat Vietnamese restaurant spot downtown…

I drink quite a bit of craft beer “on premises,” but when I’m on “the go,” I drink it in bottles, too! Or cans, which are more convenient (makes it a bit easier to lug a cooler around)!


This was a 2015 camping trip in Grayling, MI. The beer is made in Mount Pleasant, MI.

The general rule at most beaches in Michigan is that glass is verboten. But sometimes….sometimes – rules are made to be broken! It’s all good, as long as the GLASS doesn’t get broken! Putting a “cozy” on your beer bottle helps…


I’m not actually bored in this photo, I’m just very, very relaxed!  Here I am with a beer (in a camo cozy) on a beach near Rogers City, MI in October, 2015. My husband’s beer is a canned one in a can cozy (one can never have too many beer cozies).

Drink up, Michigan folks! We’ve got this….

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