When Pregnancy Test Results Get REALLY Detailed…

I just saw a commercial where a man and woman were sitting together on a bathroom floor awaiting pregnancy test results. The pregnancy tester was digital, and the readout said “pregnant.” The couple was very happy with this news. Well, obviously not everyone is going to be happy to learn that they’re pregnant, but commercials aren’t going to show those scenarios. Babies for everyone!

And because I’m…me, I thought…what if pregnancy tests become really, really advanced and knew other things besides whether you were pregnant – or not? And what if  OTHER, more accurate pregnancy test results were revealed with these tests? What if these tests could potentially cause awkward moments if you were sitting on your bathroom floor with someone else?


Women used to have to go to a doctor’s office to find out if they were pregnant or not. Or just assume they were because they missed three periods and started seeing a “baby bump.” In Rosemary’s Baby, Rosemary gets a very “special” baby!

Pregnancy Test Results You Don’t Want To See (Or Maybe You Do):

  • Pregnant, but the baby isn’t human
  • Pregnant, but it doesn’t belong to that guy sitting next to you on the bathroom floor
  • Not pregnant, but make sure he wears a condom next time this was a close call
  • Great, you’re going to be the proud mama of an antichrist
  • Looks like this baby has an extra chromosome
  • Octuplets!
  • How in the world did goat DNA get into you?
  • Not pregnant…again – is he still shooting blanks?
  • Pregnant – and the baby will try crawling out of you after seven months gestation

Who says commercials can’t be inspiring?

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