(UPDATED WITH ANSWERS) Trivia Recap – October 9, 2019 – McShane’s Pub (Ypsilanti, MI)

My husband and I walked into a very, very competitive trivia scene Tuesday at McShane’s Pub! We saw lots of players/teams we recognized from previous trivia battles. The “Pants” team – aka our former rivals at The Wurst Bar, quite a few “barhop” teams – at least three of which have been cash winners at finals tournaments in the past year, the “Dead Guys” team that plays weekly at McShane’s – just to name a few! We’ve never been a team to shy away from competition in a trivia spot, and it was quite a treat to have so many “teams to beat” in one room!

We didn’t expect too much. Our only reason for going out on the lovely evening of October 8 was because of International Octopus Day. Yes, really! This should surprise nobody who follows our trivia team’s exploits! We were dressed for the occasion – me in the navy T-shirt with an octopus in the sky attacking a pirate ship (which was given to me by my now dearly departed friend Archie a couple of years ago), Mike was wearing his purple T-shirt with a Cthulhu slash Batman symbol on it and of COURSE we brought out a few plush octopus toys! And rubber tentacles. You’d think it was a trivia tournament! Nope, we just wanted to “celebrate cephalopods!” I did not take pictures of this, so this photo will have to suffice:


Me and “Cthylla,” who dangles from my purse (though I occasionally take her “off leash”).

As for the game, we wound up winning first place and a $30 gift certificate. It wasn’t an easy task – we were in fifth going into the final question, which our team might have been the only one getting correct. It’s always nice when at least a couple of the little “lies” you tell in most trivia games actually come true! You longtime trivia players may have uttered some of these lies to your own team, too (especially when things aren’t going well – which is a situation which my team is accustomed to) – here are a few examples:

  • “We’re a second game/second half team.”
  • “This was our warm-up game. The next one will go better.”
  • “It all comes down to the final question.”
  • “It’s all good – we’re going to be the only team getting the final question correct and we’ll win first.”

I actually said that last “lie” on the list – BUT IT TURNED OUT TO BE TRUE! I honestly didn’t even believe myself when I said it to Mike (after finding out we were in fifth going into the final question).

And here are the questions…assume they will be reasonable facsimiles of/abbreviated versions of the questions that were asked during the game, assume they may not have all been written down word for word, and assume that there may be additional qualifiers for some of the questions that were not written down. My Trivia Live questions are NOT projected on screens via PowerPoint and I will make every attempt to ensure accuracy of the questions, even if it means a cursory Internet search (especially for the final question). Now let’s go to last night’s trivia game!

Round One

1. High School – What is the nine-letter term for a student who has completed their freshman year and is in their second year of college or high school?

2. Michigan Cities – What Michigan city is known nationally as the cherry capital of the world?

3. Wine – In what country is the Hunter Valley wine region? Newsletter answer…

Round Two

1. Cable Channels – What did the letters MTV stand for when it made its debut in the 1980s?

2. TV Doctors – Patrick Dempsey, aka “McDreamy” was a fictional doctor on what long-running TV series? Miss. Our team is still hiring a doctor/cop/lawyer TV expert! Any interested applicants must have seen at least two episodes of Cop Rock and must be able to humorously present a “good cop/bad cop” scenario using action figures of their choosing (among other requirements – singing auditions no longer required with our team). Shrines dedicated to Steven Bochko are encouraged – but not required…

For more about our “requirements” for a doctor/cop/lawyer expert, read this blog.

3. Toys – What is the name of Barbie’s male counterpart, which was also the name of Barbie creator Ruth Handler’s son? Three point bonus – Barbie hails from Willows in what U.S. state – per her biography? Missed the bonus.

Round Three

1. Countries -The island country of Nihon is referred to in English by what name?

2. Presidential Elections – In June, 1992 which billionaire businessman led a Gallup poll over presidential candidates George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton?

3. Basketball Players – Charles Barkley finished his NBA career between 1996 and 2000 on what team? Miss.

Halftime – Colorful Albums

Given the release year and artist, give the single word color names for the following albums.

  • H1 – 2012 – Taylor Swift
  • H2 – 1994- Stone Temple Pilots
  • H3 – 1988 – REM
  • H4 – 1971 – Joni Mitchell

Only got #3 correct.

Halftime scores: Nine teams – scores 19 to 37 with T.C. in first. We were tied with one other team in fifth with 27.

Round Four

1. Currency – What Canadian coin with a maple leaf on the back was phased out in 2013?

2. Female Firsts – Appointed in 1981 by Ronald Reagan, which woman was the first female to be appointed a Supreme Court justice?

3. Beer – First reported in the 18th century, what style of beer got its name from the local market workers who delivered it?

Round Five


1. Opening Lines – What 1859 historical novel opens with the line, “It was the best of times – it was the worst of times?” And of COURSE my mind automatically went to this scene from The Simpsons (pictured above), where Burns hires monkey writers…for some reason.

2. Royalty – Elizabeth II became queen after the death of her father Albert, whom was better known by what specific “royal” name? Mike was surprised I knew this…I told him “I know SOME royal family stuff!” Though not that much – I only know about this guy because of The King’s Speech!

3. Licenses – In what decade did Michigan first add photos to its driver’s licenses? We knew that our buddy Brad still has a copy of his first driver’s license where he has a blonde “bowl” haircut, so we figured (correctly) that this must have happened one decade earlier. Funny when a teammate “helps” with an answer without actually being at the game!

Round Six

1. Football – NBC and what entertainment company presented the only season of XFL football in 2001?

2. Song Lyrics – Mark Ronson’s song Uptown Funk, in which Bruno Mars collaborated, includes the lyrics “smoother than a jar of (blank)?” We were on the right track, but nope…miss.

3. Pizza – What pizza chain was founded in Michigan in 1960 by two brothers under one name – then changed five years later? The original location still stands – though a different business is there now (GOT Burger in Ypsilanti, MI).

57 points…

Scores heading into the final:

10 teams, scores 49 to 73 with T.C. in first. We were in fifth with 57 points.

Final Category – Medical Firsts

The first mass-produced ambulance was made by the John Cunningham Son & Company in Rochester, New York in 1909. It used what bronze age instrument instead of a siren?

This was pretty much all Mike…

Final scores: Team Six, 64; T.C., 72 and ‘Pods, 114.

We’ll be waging our next trivia battle Thursday at Original Gravity. As always, Go Pods and stay classy, King George VI!

One thought on “(UPDATED WITH ANSWERS) Trivia Recap – October 9, 2019 – McShane’s Pub (Ypsilanti, MI)

  1. round one – sophomore, traverse city, australia
    round two – music television, grey’s anatomy, ken, wisconsin
    round three – japan, perot, forgot last answer…
    Halftime – red, purple, green, blue
    round four – penny, sandra day o connor, porter
    round five – tale of two cities, george VI, 1960s
    round six – wwf, skippy, dominos
    final answer: gong

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