Hmmm…So Many Trivia Choices Now!

Last night, I learned a new My Trivia  Live spot is opening in my ‘hood (Tower Inn Ypsilanti, 8 pm games). The show begins  Wednesday, Oct. 16.

I will have to talk to my team  to see if they want to play there. Me, Mike and Brad are definitely a strong MTL team for sure (especially  with the older-skewing questions)! If Evan joins in on the fun, he’ll  be a help with the random younger-skewed questions  that come up (vis a vis the Taylor Swift album question  and the Uptown Funk lyrics question  we had last night). I’ll  ask the team about this in the next team e-mail.

Do we even  bother  trying  to finish  out  the season  at The Owl? A “last hurrah” since we’ll  stop playing there  until the spring? We do have a good shot of finishing in second if we play four more games (not that second place  means anything).

I have some things  to think about! There  could be some very “interesting” opportunities involved in finishing  out  the MTL season at Tower Inn… and I’m not just talking about opportunities  for my own team!

If I had a beard I’d  be stroking it right about now!

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