You’ve Heard of “Taco Tuesday” – Get A Load of “Trivia Tuesday!”

It’s not exactly earth-shattering news for me and my trivia team to…go out for a trivia game. But it’s TUESDAY! We don’t normally play Tuesdays, but we’ll be attending a trivia game at a “local” watering hole tonight just because we feel compelled to “represent” on this fake holiday – “Cephalopod Awareness Day!” Of COURSE I can only find one of my husband’s four novelty socks that have cephalopods on them (yes I even looked under the bed and the couch). He gets grumpy when I rummage around too much in his office while he’s working, so…he’ll just have to settle for wearing a shirt with an octopus on it!

Also, we’re playing in a trivia league in which we don’t usually play. We haven’t logged a score in this “other” trivia league since June 24.

It will be nice to say “hi” to this host – whom I haven’t seen for…a while!

Trivia plans, as always, are subject to change…

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