Trivia Recap – October 8, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

We logged our highest score of the year in our Sporcle Live game Monday at Sticks with 159 points – winning a first place sweep $15/first place each game – and getting both final questions correct!

We had a “guest star” from More Beer Less Pants playing with us again, whom was not content to just help us with our piddling league trivia game – he had his sights on bigger game – and wanted to conquer the “national” trivia scene after our pub trivia game was over! This  means he logged a high enough score to hit #9 nationally (with a score of 14,189) on the Buzztime “charts!” Can I get a round of applause for “Sparty?” A few of of  us “supporting players” helped land Aubree’s in the top 10 nationally twice as well, which qualified us for some “special” prizes awarded by the bar (grrr…stupid Grace Kelly question)! Ahem, all of that said…

We remain at the top of the standings at Sticks, but it’s NEVER an easy battle to win a bar when we set out to do it! What fun would it be for those who follow our trivia team’s exploits if things were TOO easy for us? We expect nothing but an uphill battle until the end (just four more weeks to go)!

And here are the questions…assume they will be reasonable facsimiles of/abbreviated versions of the questions that were asked during the game, assume they may not have all been written down word for word, and assume that there may be additional qualifiers for some of the questions that were not written down. Audio questions will not be written down. Now let’s go to last night’s trivia game!

Game One

1. Hit Songs – Genie in a Bottle and What a Girl Wants were the first two charting singles released by what artist? Our host A.J. said this was pretty much a “gimme” question for most teams in the bar…but not ours. Miss for one.


2. Movie Music -Fill in the blank in the following lyrics that originated from a 1968 Disney short: “The most wonderful thing about (BLANK) is I’m the only one?” I think this animal and all of his friends (including the human) are just metaphors for different psychotropic drugs. Let’s see, this guy in the question was definitely on cocaine, Pooh was a marijuana fiend (which would explain why he always had the munchies), Rabbit was extremely paranoid and probably a meth head, Eeyore was conked out on valium all of the time and Christopher Robin was on shrooms and/or acid because he could see talking animals. Hmm, I think Kanga, Roo, Piglet and Owl were probably the only “straight arrows” in the group (nicely balanced)! 10

3. Slogans – What brand of hot dogs has used the slogan, “They plump when you cook ’em?” Exchange the word “cook” for “stroke” and you have what Mike said!  9

4. Vitamins – Plant carotenoids, including Beta Carotene, are a primary dietary source of what lettered vitamin? We usually flub on the vitamin questions, but got this one for 3.

5. Games – What board game was introduced in France in 1957 with a name that translates as “The Conquest of the World?” 6

6. U.S. History – Within five, in what year did the Burr/Hamilton duel occur? We were only one off, got this for 8.

7. MLB Teams – Which MLB franchise has made the fewest post season appearances with two –  but has won the World Series twice? 4

8. Long-Running TV – In September, 2019, the 39th season of what TV series began airing with the subtitle Island of the Idols? 7

9. Authors- What author whom was also known as a dentist wrote several western novels including Riders of the Purple Sage and is believed to be one of the first billionaire authors?

10. U.S. Cities – After Phoenix, name one of the two most populous U.S. cities in the mountain time zone. Both for a bonus point. Got one but not both…forgot our team rule – “Everything’s bigger in (blank).”

Mystery – Put the following vice presidents in order in which they served as vice president of the U.S.

Hubert Humphrey, Thomas Marshall, Walter Mondale, Henry Wallace

Got all of these.

Scores – Eight teams, scores 41 to 65, with us in first.

Final Category – TV Settings

A spin-off of the series Pawn Stars, the second and third seasons of Preacher, and the first season of True Detective all take place in which U.S. state?

Our “guest star” knew this instantly…

Final standings: Peas Above Stick, 82; ‘Pods, 83.

Game Two


1. Cartoons – Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup are the title superheroes in what Cartoon Network series that aired from 1998 to 2005? The pic above is from a “generator” I played with when the series was briefly rebooted in 2016, which you were allowed to customize to make yourself into one of these characters! #somuchtimewasted 10

2. Cocktails – Four drinks have one-word names beginning with the letter “M” in the International Bartender’s Association official handbook, not including “martini.” Name three of these – all four for a bonus point. Got three but brainfarted on a fourth…9 points, no bonus.

3. Instruments – An audio clip of someone playing Wham’s Careless Whisper was playing, had to ID the band instrument, got this for 3 (should’ve gone higher, but honestly I’ve never heard anyone playing this instrument solo besides hearing the one girl I knew of who played it in high school band playing it when everyone was getting tuned).

4. Capitals – The Hague and Amsterdam are the two capitals of what country? 8

5. Comics – In the Hellboy comics, the letter “B” stands for “bureau” when referring to the agency for which he and his cohorts work. What do any two of the other letters in the bureau name stand for Facebook clue, 7.


Hellboy and Abe getting drunk in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

6. Movie Families- Shia Labeouf plays the son of a character played by Harrison Ford in what 2008 film? 6

7. Hair – In what style of haircut worn by Vanilla Ice, the Fresh Prince and many other U.S. astronauts does the hair stand upright – forming a surface resembling a plane or slope? 5

8. Relationships – Since 2001, Anna Kournikova has been in a relationship with what Grammy award winning singer? Teamwork here for 1.

9. Tennis Stars – Who was the only African-American man to ever win the men’s singles title at Wimbledon? 4

10. Code Names – Smiling Buddha was the code name of the first nuclear bomb test in what country? Miss for 2.

Visual Mystery –


Got them all.

Scores- Six teams, scores 44 to 59 with us in first.

Final Category – U.S. History

The Lorraine Motel, which operated from 1925-1988, currently serves as a museum and was the location of a historical event most notably involving what famous American?

Final standings: I’m How Old, 75; ‘Pods, 76.

Until next time, which will be a “special engagement” tonight! Yes, we will be hitting up a My Trivia Live spot tonight just because it’s October 8 and it’s part of the cephalopod awareness days! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Alexander Hamilton!




One thought on “Trivia Recap – October 8, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

  1. game one: christina aguilera, tigger, ball park, vitamin a, risk, 1894, marlins, survivor, zane grey, el paso/denver

    mystery – wallace, marshall, humphrey, mondale

    final answer: louisiana

    game two: powerpuff girls, manhattan/margarita/mimosa/mojito, bassoon, netherlands, indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull, flat top, enrique iglesias, arthur ashe, india

    mystery – bohemian rhapsody, commando, creature from the black lagoon, the muppet movie

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