Trivia Plans Next Week – (October 7, 2019)

We’ll be doing trivia battle Monday at Sticks, where we have five more games to hold onto our leading spot (we are currently leading by 78 points). If we do that, we can RSVP for the next semis on day one – rather than hope for the best on the second day (obviously we want to be able to not only “claim” this trivia spot, but also RSVP on the first day).

We’ll be doing things a bit differently later in the week and playing Thursday at Original Gravity, where we have not played since May 23 (I played a solo game there that night). I remember surprising the host Lauren by winning a prize in that game!

My team has “mixed” feelings about this place…which means my husband hates it – there are at least a couple of players unwilling to travel for games here, yada yada…. One of the reasons we’re doing the game here is because of the Odd Side Ales tap takeover at The Owl, where we have been playing Wednesdays. None of the beers they’re offering are “beer flavored beers.” The coffee blonde, hipster brunch stout, and the “dank juice” aren’t exactly lighting our taste buds on fire – and the hefeweizen offering from Greenbush Brewery was very, very disappointing (which was surprising – because I’ve usually enjoyed most of the beers they make). Maybe taking a week off from playing here will allow more of the Odd Side beers to….disappear!

A more important reason we’re playing at OG is because Thursdays are the best days for Dave to come out for trivia – and he also likes OG. So for one night – Mike is setting aside his dislike of the place. It will be good to play there one last time before weather starts getting “icky.”

In other big news of the past week, a longtime trivia host was given the pink slip. Since I wasn’t a huge fan of this person’s…shall I say –  hosting style – we’d pretty much stopped playing their shows some time ago. Let’s see – they were fairly regularly late for games, games would often go overly long, they spent too much time talking about themselves on the mic, they would claim to “publicly humiliate” players if they were caught cheating (specific example given was making the players cry) and they would get defensive if they ever heard players complain about questions. My husband happens to like complaining about trivia questions (which meant we could never sit anywhere near this host). Oh yes – also score discrepancies were pretty much par for the course with this host. I do feel bad about their loss of employment – obviously – but this opens up more trivia spots to my team, too. We’ll probably start playing occasional Saturdays again if there is interest from other players. Sometimes the weekend games are nice – you’re not showing up for the game tired – AND you don’t have to work the next day!

I never, ever complained to the trivia league about this host. I figured they were so well-liked that any complaints would just go unheeded.

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