“Fact Du Jour” Blogs Coming To an End Soon – Also – Serial Killer Gary Ridgway

Hey blog readers. First off, thanks to all of you who have read, liked (and commented upon) my “Fact Du Jour” blogs I started posting in late June. Beginning September 25, I will no longer be posting these every single day (which involved me doing a lot of ‘binge writing”). From the beginning, I was uncertain about whether I’d be able to do these every day anyway, so this isn’t exactly a surprising decision!

Does this mean I’m going to stop posting blogs about facts I find interesting? No! It just means I’ll be able to spend more time doing these kinds of blogs (one of which I’m working on right now about Michigan counties). I’m going to be getting into my “busy season” at work very soon, and blogging when I have time. And of course…still doing recaps of every single trivia game I play! There was only one time (November, 2016) when I was kind of lazy and did a very, very abbreviated recap of a trivia game at the Wurst Bar (it was the night before Thanksgiving, I work in Retailville, I was busy, yada yada).

Here’s my lame attempt at poetry, kind of a spoof on T’was the Night Before Christmas:

T’was the night before Thanksgiving, and all through the pub,

Many barflies were drinking – and eating some grub,

Queries were broadcasted over the air,

Players hoping that gift cards, soon would be theirs

People were nestled all snug in their booths,

Some named the city that spawned the Babe Ruth

Other questions were tougher, and left players tapped,

Like the name of the guy taking Green River rap

The smart teams remembered the band name Q Lazarus

Which wrote music for Bill – whose dancing entranced us

Though we have no recap for our readers this day,

Let’s hope that Thanksgiving doesn’t suck much today!

So as you can see, we had a question about where Babe Ruth was born (Baltimore), were asked about which person took the rap for the Green River murders (Gary Ridgway) and were asked about which band’s music was playing in The Silence of the Lambs when “Buffalo” Bill did his weird dance (Q Lazarus).

Now let’s talk a bit more about this Gary Ridgway fella! I can see actor Gary Oldman playing him in his younger years (not just because they have the same first name).


Interesting thing about Gary Ridgway (aka the “Green River Killer,” apparently  another serial killer – Ted Bundy – actually helped investigators capture him (IKR, Ted Bundy doing something to help other people – I don’t believe it either). Bundy correctly theorized that the Green River killer (Ridgway) was revisiting his dump sites (places he’d buried his victims) to have sex with his victims, and said police officers should stake out those sites so they could capture Ridgway. Is this a case of “takes one (serial killer) to know one (serial killer)?” I think so!

I’ll need to read up on this guy a bit more. Why isn’t he more well known? You’d think being connected to 48 confirmed murders would put you in “household name” territory, yet I don’t think this has happened. Was he lacking in personality? Was it because a good number of his victims were sex workers/prostitutes? Why have the names Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy essentially become household names – and Gary Ridgway’s – hasn’t?

Here are some lyrics from the Police song Murder By Numbers:

All our greatest killers were industrious
At least the ones that we all know by name

This doesn’t answer my question, either. Obviously Gary Ridgway was pretty industrious…I mean – 48 kills? He was no slacker- he was dedicated to what he did – and got away with it for quite a long, long time!

Before this turns into a blog about serial killers (which I’ve written about before, LOL), I’m just going to say thanks as always for continuing to visit this site!


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