Fact Du Jour – September 11, 2019 – Ground Zero’s Rescue Dogs (TRIGGER WARNING)

Editor’s note: This post may contain potentially tear-jerking material. Do not read if you have a tendency to lose your emotional composure when reading heartbreaking stories involving man’s best friend…


Teams of trained rescue dogs were used to help recover victims and items from the rubble of the World Trade Center towers following the 9/11 attacks. The last surviving 9/11 rescue dog died in 2016, and her name was Bretagne (pronounced Britney), whom is pictured here.

The dogs reportedly would become severely depressed when they didn’t find live people, so occasionally rescue workers would “hide” in the rubble to give the dogs live people to “find.” After the rescue work they were given thorough and periodic medical and psychological examinations to ensure their well-being. Read more 9/11 facts like this one here. 

Shortly before Bretagne died at an animal hospital in Cypress, Texas, firefighters and search and rescue workers from the fire department lined the sidewalk and saluted. She was carried out later, her body draped in an American flag. She was just shy of 17 years old.

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