Camping Trip Tonight!

I’m going to start packing for a one-night camping trip pretty soon! We’ll be heading to Brighton Recreation Area and camping in the Appleton Lake rustic campground. This is a campground we’ve camped in quite a few times…the sites are large and it’s always a pretty chill vibe. The beach/day use area is a short walk away, and the ball fields are an even shorter walk away (great spot for stargazing at night)!

We’ve also rented cabins at Brighton quite a lot over the past 20 years or so. “Cabining” isĀ  especially fun when it’s just a bit too cold to camp in a tent.

april2018 154

One of the rustic cabins available for rent at Brighton Recreation Area. Corn hole sets not included!

This will be only the second time we’ve “tent camped” this year and will likely be the last. We’ve done a couple of cabin trips, and have one more of those planned next month. I’ve visited my in-laws a couple of times, and staying in their “Fonzie Room” (my own personal word for any living/sleeping space that is attached to a garage) is kind of like camping! Especially since we sometimes just take a whiz outside their garage rather than walk all the way into their house! Someone has to water the grass, don’t they?

In all honesty, though – the “Fonzie Room” is far preferable to the place we used to have to sleep inside their house – (a loft open to the whole house). We get more privacy, and don’t have the cats, dog and…father in law waking us up at 5:30 a.m.!

Let’s hope we have a fun slumber party in the great outdoors tonight!


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