Trivia Plans Week of September 9 (2019)

This coming week appears to be the last week of having Fridays off at work, which makes me a little sad! But alas, I do need the money, so there’s that! All of that said, our trivia plans next week are to play Monday at Sticks (our regular “team” outing) and also Thursday at Sticks.

In a couple of weeks, I will most likely want to return to The Owl in Milan on Wednesday – since it’s an early show and I’ve been scheduled Friday. With a new Ypsilanti show possibly starting soon at Bobcat Bonnie’s on Wednesdays, I honestly don’t know how many more Owl games I’ll be going out for this year. I’m happy to have a “local” show closer to home, but I’ve become fond of this little town (Milan), where I’ve been going out for its trivia games (and other activities) since about 2016. It’s so different from the city I live in (and not just because there are fewer hipsters LOL)!

On that note…I need to stop writing -and start getting ready to go! I’ll be sure to do a blog about this trip! See y’all later…

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