Marilyn Manson – Did Not Make Cut in Recent ’90s Music Quizzes (Though He Is Not Forgotten)

I recently posted  my own ’90s music quizzes (two of them), and both times, I came close to including questions  about Marilyn Manson, though  ultimately  he didn’t  make the cut. I did buy a copy of his Mechanical Animals album (forgive me I was in my 20s).

There  were a couple of close calls! I did ask a few questions  about nine  inch nails, whose  frontman Trent  Reznor produced  a couple  of albums for Manson. Also, Manson  bandmate Twiggy Ramirez  can be seen in the Monster Magnet video for Space  Lord (I asked  about  this song in my quiz).

That  got me thinking about  what  my name would be if I were in Manson’s band. And I decided it would be this:

Marky-Mark Bathory

Male actor/model (Mark Wahlberg) and female serial killer (Elizabeth  Bathory)? Sure, as long as it doesn’t  mean I have  to try dancing  in tightie whities – or bathing in the blood of my victims!


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