Part Deux – ’90s Music Question Set

I recently posted a set of trivia questions about ’90s music – which was my interpretation of what a ’90s music question set would look like if I wrote them based purely upon my experiences and musical tastes. You can read that blog here.

You’re not going to see any questions about country music or boy bands in this question set!

Now for some more ’90s music questions! If you ace this question set, then you’re probably my long-lost twin sister…or brother! I’m not pulling any punches, though I may give a hint or two or allow some leniency regarding years!


If you know who this guy is, you will know the answer to one of these questions! You might also follow my blog 🙂

My Dream ’90s Music Question Set (Part Deux)

1. Debut Albums – Whose debut album was called  Little Earthquakes, which was released in 1992?

2. Song Lyrics – In the 1990 song Humpty Dance, “Humpty” describes himself as looking like what rapper – only on crack?

3. Nirvana Unplugged – Name any one of the tracks from Nirvana Unplugged in New York that were covers of songs by the Meat Puppets. Name two for an additional point.

4. Deaths – Within two, in what year did Alice in Chains lead singer Layne Staley die?

5. Albums – What group’s 1995 album – their third studio album – was called Tragic Kingdom?

6. Cover Songs – Which MC Hammer song was a cover song by the Chi Lites and hit #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts?

7. Musicals – The 1996 film adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s musical Evita included a song that was not part of the soundtrack for the original 1976 Broadway production – which earned an Oscar for best original song in 1997. Name that song.

8. Musicals Part Deux – The lead singer of what hard rock band played the Phantom in a 1999 Toronto production of The Phantom of the Opera? Hint, its highest-charting single was one word and was named for a girl.

9. Grammy Awards – How many total Grammy awards did Carlos Santana win at the 2000 Grammy Awards ceremony for works produced in 1999?

10. Movie Songs – What group recorded the song I Wanna Sex You Up for the 1991 film New Jack City?

11. Albums – Name any one of the three full-length studio albums released by the Beastie Boys in the decade of the 1990s. Name two for a bonus point.

12. Cover Songs – What band recorded a cover of Joy Division’s song Dead Souls for the soundtrack for the 1994 film The Crow?

13. Music Videos – Name any two of the models appearing in the video for George Michael’s single Freedom ’90. Bonus – which model appears in the Chris Isaak video Wicked Game?

14. Hair Bands – What “hair” band released singles called I Saw Red and Uncle Tom’s Cabin in 1991 – which peaked at #10 and #78 – respectively – on the Hot 100 charts?

15. Hair Bands Part Deux – What “hair” band released the single Silent Lucidity in 1991?

16. Famous Children – What band – named for a member of a band popular in the 1960s-1970s – released studio albums called The Disregard of Timekeeping (1989) and Mad Hatter (1992)? ?

17. Video Props – Name any one of the three Aerosmith music videos from the 1990s which featured actress Alicia Silverstone.

18. Deaths – What lead singer died of AIDS complications on November 24, 1991?

19. Band Members – Name both of the other original members of Nirvana besides Kurt Cobain (correct spelling not required).

20. More Deaths – What American singer/songwriter, best known for his sole studio album Grace, died after drowning in the Mississippi River in 1997? His best known songs are The Last Goodbye and a cover version of Hallelujah, which topped digital download charts in 2008?

No mystery round…just a final question!

What singer/songwriter described their 1994 album like this to Rolling Stone magazine?

The whole concept of (name of album) is that it’s like a satanic K-tel record that’s been found in a trash dumpster, quite matter-of-factly. A few people have molested it and slept with it and half-swallowed it before spitting it out. Someone played poker with it, someone tried to smoke it. Then the record was taken to Morocco and covered with hummus and tabouli. Then it was flown back to a convention of water-skiers, who skied on it and played Frisbee with it. Then the record was put on the turntable, and the original K-Tel album had reached a whole new level. I was just taking that whole Freedom Rock feeling, you understand.

3 thoughts on “Part Deux – ’90s Music Question Set

  1. 1. Tori Amos

    2. MC Hammer

    3. Plateau, Lake of Fire, Oh Me

    4. 2002 (accept anything between 2000 and 2004)

    5. No Doubt

    6. Have You Seen Her

    7. You Must Love Me

    8. Kiss (Paul Stanley)

    9. seven

    10. Color Me Badd

    11. Ill Communication, Check Your Head, Hello Nasty

    12. nine inch nails

    13.  Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington, and Cindy Crawford  – bonus Helena Christensen

    14. Warrant

    15. Queensryche

    16. Bonham

    17. Cryin’, Amazing, Crazy

    18. Freddie Mercury

    19. Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl

    20. Jeff Buckley

    final answer: Beck

  2. I proved what I already thought was true, that I don’t know a whole lot about 90s music. I only got 7 of the regular round questions right: Both hair band, the Aerosmith, Freddie Mercury, Beastie boys, no doubt & MC Hammer. I did guess the right answer on the final question though.

    I never really liked 90s music, I prefer 80s music even though I’m of the age that should like 90s better, I graduated High School in 1995. Two questions about Nirvana, my lest favorite band. I knew David Grohl, and I like the Foo Fighters, Who sound nothing like Nirvana. I don’t care enough to know the lead singer of Bush, another one of my least favorite bands. If I could have just named any cover song from Nirvana Unplugged I could have gone with the Bowie Song: The man who Sold the World.

    1. yeah, the 90s wasn’t my favorite decade for music either. I’m more of an 80s girl. Thanks for playing along! Maybe I’ll have to do my own 80s music question set, 70s question set…

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