(UPDATED WITH ANSWERS) Trivia Recap – August 15, 2019 – The Owl (Milan, MI)

For only the third time in 2019, we logged a score higher than 150 points in a Sporcle Live trivia game! Yes, it’s a rarity indeed when we wager max points on both finals and get them both correct! Is it a full moon (why yes it is).  It’s definitely not unusual for us to have lopsided trivia scores in a single week (78 points on Monday, 152 points on Wednesday). We really thought we were doomed in game two when we blew our 10 point slip on NBA players (poor Evan felt so bad about it – but redeemed himself by getting all of the Madden NFL visual round entries correct). Welcome Evan! By being forced to live with the torment of blowing a 10 point question, he’s completed the necessary hazing rituals to become a full-fledged member of our “cult!” Too bad our condo association doesn’t allow us to keep an outdoor altar anymore, so we’ll have to make other arrangements to make his “induction” complete (JK)!

Curious about what other things give you an “in” on the ‘Pods team? Well, having a cephalopod tattoo definitely helps (just ask Archie).


Ink of a creature who secretes ink!

Bringing cephalopod toys to trivia games is also a big thumbs-up (just ask David C., who brought a Cthulhu hand puppet to the MTL finals in July, 2017).


Doing things like this helps get you into the “cult,” too!

And then there’s the swimsuit and talent competition (singing auditions are no longer required to be on our team even though we do have a fight song).

We’ll take this little victory! Six times this season we’ve logged scores lower than 100 points. As for prizes, we won a $20 first place prize in game one, and a $10 second place prize in game two.

The questions…

Game One

1. Sports – What sports equipment, according to the BWF, includes shoes, clothing, rackets, net and shuttlecock? 10

2. Desserts – One of the Reagans’ favorite desserts was an apple dessert similar to a cobbler or crisp – only with the sweetened crumbs layered between the fruit rather than on top – what was it called? We had one word of the correct answer suggested, but we went with something else, miss for 1.

3. Movie Quotes – In what 1987 movie would you hear the “greed is good” quote (this is abbreviated)? 9

4. Animals – Both the constellation and astrological symbol for Capricorn represent a creature made up of parts of two animals – name either of those animals – both for a bonus point. Good night to have a Capricorn playing with your team (thanks Mike)! 8 plus the bonus…


This explains so much about my husband! Stubborn AF – yet loves to swim! I totally get it now…

5. U.S. Cities – Name either of the two most populous cities in the U.S. with one syllable names – one is located in mid Michigan – the other located in the Seattle/Tacoma area of Washington. 6

6. ’80s Music – In the English language version of a Nena song, how many red balloons are referenced in the title? 7

7. Names – What five-letter name was the most popular baby name for boys between 1999 and 2012 and means “to follow” or “cirumvent?” Evan suggested the right name based on the first clue, but we had no idea what the name meant, so we missed this for 2.

8. Companies – What American publishing company began as Timely Publications in 1939 and began using its current name in 1961 as part of its Journey into Mystery series? Miss for 3.

9. World Leaders – From 1969 to 2011, who served as the brotherly leader and guide of the Revolution of Libya? 5

10. Technology – What two-word phrase is similar to subtitles and describes text displayed on TV screens indicating dialogue, etc. (this question was super long and I didn’t write it all down)? 4

Mystery – Twisted Titles

One letter will be changed in this rock band theme round (names will be rock bands with one letter changed)

M1- Dark Lord or Sith remembering the night of September 21

M2 – Group that sings Light My Fire wears clothes produced by French luxury goods company

M3 – Kevin, Joe and Nick sing about how they’ve opened facilities for adults to engage in adult activities with each other in exchange for money

M4 – A collection of children’s toys fight for their right to party

Got all of these.

Scores- Eight teams, scores 36 to 61 with us in first.

Final Category – U.S. Government

Four of the 15 United States federal executive departments, often referred to as Cabinet departments, were created in the 1960s or 1970s. Name two of those four departments.

The trivia host at Corner Brewery said his teams had to name three cabinet departments instead of two…but that’s a pretty competitive trivia spot with 20 plus teams on most weeks, with most of those teams having 8-12 players per team on average!

I came up with one right away, Evan came up with the other one…

Final scores: More Beer Less Pants, 75; ‘Pods, 78.

Game Two

1. Movie Stars – What actor starred in four different highest-grossing (domestic) movies opening on July 4 in 1996, 1997, 2002 and 2008? 6

2. NBA Players – In 1962, what NBA Hall of Famer was the first NBA player to average a triple double for an entire season while a member of the Cincinnati Royals? Miss for 10. Let’s grit our teeth, keep our upper lips stiff…ahem!

3. Brands – What company  owned by The Gap was founded in 1994 and has more than 1,000 locations and has used taglines “for the whole family” and “great styles at great prices? 7

4. Song Titles – What is the title of the Bobby Darin single where the lyrics mention “I was taking a bath?” Facebook clue, 9.

5. Presidents – What was the first presidential first name shared by more than one president? 8

6. TV Shows – Audio clip of sci-fi show, got this for 5. Hint for the show is pictured below…


7. Games and Politics – What Monopoly property name is also a state with the most electoral votes? For a bonus point, which property/state name has the lowest electoral votes? 4 plus the bonus.

8. Artists – What artist was known as the “Painter of Light” and was born in 1958? Yay we get an art question correct, 3. We screwed up a Georgia O’Keefe question on Monday…

9. Flags – What three colors are on the flag for Germany? 2

10. Authors – What author has written nine novels adapted into films, with the first being The Firm in 1991, and the most recent being Skipping Christmas? 1

Visual Mystery  –


Got them all.

Scores – Seven teams, scores 23 to 62 with More Beer Less Pants in first. We were a bit behind them with 54 points.

Final Category – Academy Awards

The 1935 film Dangerous and the 1938 film Jezebel featured Academy Award-winning performances by what actress, who was the first person to receive ten Academy Award nominations for acting, six years before Katharine Hepburn?

Final scores – ‘Pods, 74; More Beer Less Pants, 75.

That’s it for this week’s trivial pursuits! We’ll be back at Sticks Monday. Some extra trivia excitement is planned next week – a “double header” on Thursday (Face the music followed by a game at Sticks) and “possibly” a ’90s music theme night next Sunday. This means EXTRA TRIVIA RECAPS! Come on…you MUST be overwhelmed with excitement (LOL)!  As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Daleks!

2 thoughts on “(UPDATED WITH ANSWERS) Trivia Recap – August 15, 2019 – The Owl (Milan, MI)

  1. game one:
    1. badminton
    2. brown betty
    3. wall street
    4. goat, fish
    5. flint, kent
    6. 99
    7. jacob
    8. marvel comics
    9. khadafi
    10. closed captioning
    mystery- darth wind and fire, diors, jonas brothels, beastie toys
    final answers:
    Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
    game two
    1. will smith
    2. oscar robertson
    3. old navy
    4. splish splash
    5. james
    6. doctor who
    7. New York, Vermont
    8. kinkade
    9. gold, red, black
    10. grisham
    mystery – did not write these down Lions guy is Megatron/calvin johnson, #3 is Tom Brady
    final answer: Bette Davis

  2. Mystery would be Mahonmes, Johnson, Brady & Payton Hollis.

    I knew everything in the first game except number 8 and any of the mystery round. In the second game I missed 8 & 9 and the final

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